Sony PlayStation app hits 100 million installs on Google Play Store five months after PS5 launch


Sony PlayStation app has hit 100 million installs on Google Play Store. The app, which supports the PS4 and PS5 achieved the 100 million mark five months after the PS 5 was launched. The app is available for iOS users as well, though there is no official information on the number of installs on the App Store. Also Read – Sony PSN services faced another global outage: Details here

Sony PlayStation app essentially helps users stay connected to their gaming friends as well as games on the go by showing who is online and which games they are playing. Games and add-ons can be downloaded to the console directly via the app and it also helps manage the PS5 console storage. Of course, a PlayStation Network account is needed to use the app. Also Read – Over 6,000 Indian gamers have petitioned Sony to restock the PlayStation 5 in India

Though there is no official word, a majority of installs are expected to be from PS4 users given the PS5 shortage globally. In India as well, PlayStation fans have been made to wait long to get their hands on the latest gaming console. Also Read – Sony has decided it will not shut down PS3 and PlayStation Vita online stores

To recall, PS5 made its debut globally in November 2020, but the pre-orders for the console in India started in January this year. Given the anticipation around PS5, it went out of stock online five minutes after the sale opened in India. It was made available on e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart as well as via offline retails stores across the country.

As for the price, the PlayStation 5 is available for Rs 49,990 for the normal edition. The digital edition of PS5 is priced in India at Rs 39,990. As of now, there is no word on the PS5 restock, though an IGN India report did suggest that the restock was scheduled to happen during the second week of April, which clearly did not happen.

The report added that there will be plenty of gaming consoles to go around this time, compared to only 4,000 units that were made available in the Indian market when it was launched. Of course, we will need to wait for an official word to know more.


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