Sony PS3 users unable to update games, ahead of store shutdown


Sony recently announced that it will be shutting down its PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and more in a few months. Ahead of the storefront shutdown, multiple users have started reporting on the PSNProfiles Forum that they are unable to download essential patches for certain PS3 games. Also Read – Sony camera sensors dominated the smartphone world in 2020, Samsung follows

Apart from this PS3 owners are also complaining that some games are disallowing them from earning any trophies or playing online, while some are even complaining that they need to first implement workarounds to play the games properly. An example is that players playing the EU version of Dungeon Siege III keep on getting a data error until the DLC is installed. Also Read – Sony PS5 India restock: Upcoming batch expected to meet customer demands

Currently, there are around 35 game titles that are unable to update. These titles include Battlefield 4, flOw, Gran Turismo 5, Journey, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Payday 2, 007 Legends, Twisted Metal, Dante’s Inferno and more. This does not seem to be the end of the list as players with time are discovering more titles that are unable to update. For a full list, you can click here. Also Read – Sony Xperia new product announcement on April 14: Here’s what to expect

PSN users on the forum have posted some tips that will help gamers circumvent some of the patch issues. However, some games have no workarounds that work, thus leading to broken and buggy versions. This is also causing distress among people who just bought a new PS3 game but are unable to play the current version of it.

Take note, there is no consistent pattern across the list of broken games. They can vary from region to region, digital or physical editions and more.

Sony is yet to make a comment on the ongoing situation, and currently, it is unclear if this is a deliberate decision the company made or if it is just a bug that is making the system go haywire.

To recall, the PlayStation Store is set to close its doors to the PS3 and PSP on July 2, whereas, the shut down for the PS Vita will take a bit longer and the store will remain open for the portable gaming console till August 27. Even though the store will close its doors, users will continue to be able to re-download any digital purchases made through the store earlier, they will just not be able to buy new games or play online.


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