Telegram gets Payments 2.0, scheduled voice chats and more features


Popular messaging platform Telegram has recieved a new update, which has brought in a number of features for users. Also Read – Telegram WebK and WebZ web apps launched: What’s the difference?

There’s the entry of Payments 2.0, scheduled voice chats, two new web versions of the app, and some more features, making this quite a big update, much like we have seen with the previous ones. Here’s a look at all the new features that have been introduced. Also Read – Here’s how you can schedule voice chats on the latest Telegram beta

Telegram gets Payments 2.0 and more features

Starting with Payments 2.0, the feature allows Telegram users to send money using credit cards to other users via the app. This is applicable for private chats, groups, and channels in more than 200 countries, including India. Also Read – Telegram introduces Voice Chats 2.0, Clubhouse-like voice chats for all

payments 2 feature

Third parties can be used by the merchants with the creation of a bot for the same and users can even tip the merchants if they want to. One thing worth noting is that Telegram claims it neither takes any commission nor users’ payment information for the process.

Moving on, Voice Chats 2.0, which was launched recently as a Clubhouse alternative, now has the ability to schedule voice chats in groups and channels. This will allow speakers and members to prepare for the same.

schedule voice chats

There’s also the introduction of voice chats reminders to help people easy join them without forgetting about them, Mini profiles for voice chats to know about the people you are chatting without leaving the voice chat window.

Telegram has also got two new web versions: Telegram Web K and Web Z, both of which coming with features such as dark mode, animated stickers, chat folders, and more.

More features!

The app also has the new Pinch to Zoom feature, which lets people directly zoom in and view a picture in a chat without leaving it.

pinch to zoom

New controls have been added to videos on Telegram. Users can now easily fast forward and rewind videos on both Android and iOS. On iOS, pressing and holding ‘+’ can fast forward the video while tapping and holding ‘-‘ can rewind. On Android, press and hold the right side to fast forward and the same on left side will rewind.

Additionally, Android users will get new animations while opening the side menu and going back to the chat list from a certain chat window.

The new Telegram update is available for iOS users but there’s no word now when it will reach the Android users. Although, if you download the app from the Telegram website, you will get it with the latest update.


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