Telegram working on schedule voice chat feature; here’s how it works


Popular messaging platform Telegram that launched its voice chat feature last year in December has now introduced the ability to schedule voice chats in the latest beta version of the app – just like Clubhouse. Also Read – Telegram introduces Voice Chats 2.0, Clubhouse-like voice chats for all

The feature is currently in its testing phase and will be released in the final version of the app soon. As per TestingCatalog, version v7.7.0 will receive the new voice chat feature. The scheduled voice chat can also be pinned to a particular channel with a countdown that would be visible to all the users on that channel. Also Read – Telegram update brings auto-delete feature, home screen widgets, animated emojis

How does the feature work?

For instance, if you want to schedule an important meeting or a chat session with a colleague, you can simply do that with the voice chat feature so that people on that channel do not forget about it. Also Read – Telegram leaves WhatsApp behind, becomes most downloaded app in January 2021

Telegram Schedule Voice Chat feature

(Image: TestingCatalog)

“After the previous release v7.6.0, where Telegram got a voice chat functionality for channels, Telegram continued enhancing this feature even further. Now you can schedule voice chat for a later time, and it will become pinned to the channel with a countdown visible to all users. This feature comes in handy because otherwise, you will have to remind and schedule this event in a manual way,” the blog said.

How to activate the voice chat scheduling feature?

Here’s how you can schedule a voice chat in Telegram:

– You first need to update your Telegram app to the latest beta version v7.7.0.
– Open a Telegram channel that you manage.
– Tap on the channel icon and the three-dot menu in Settings.
– Tap on “Start voice chat”.
– Then select the “Schedule voice chat” option.
– Choose the specific time and date and tap on the “Start” option.

While Telegram was testing this new feature it has also been reported that the latest beta allows users to modify their name and description while they are part of a chat without leaving the channel. This has been added as several users try to browse other profiles during a chat and users can change their names to let moderators easily identify them.

“When the Telegram team was stress-testing their voice chats together with beta testers, several interesting usage patterns came up. Lots of listeners were also browsing other profiles while they listen to the speech. It also became a way for the voice chat host to select speakers based on their profile description,” the blog read.


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