This is when Battlegrounds Mobile could launch in India


PUBG Mobile will launch in India soon, as early as in the next few months. However, as previously reported, the game will not release as PUBG Mobile India but as Battlegrounds Mobile India. This has been confirmed by the company itself on its social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as YouTube. Before getting into other details, let’s find out when will PUBG Mobile India or Battlegrounds Mobile India release in the country? Take a look. Also Read – Confirmed! PUBG Mobile India coming as Battlegrounds Mobile India, official poster released

A new report coming from Sportskeeda suggests that the game could release in the month of May or June this year. Yes, that’s right. Maxtern, a renowned content creator from the PUBG Mobile circuit, shared this exclusive information to the website. Also Read – Battlegrounds Mobile India, Battlefield Mobile: Two upcoming mobile battle royale games

Maxtern said, “As you may be aware, all posts, except the Coming Soon Teaser that was released last year, have been deleted from the game’s Instagram handle. Based on my knowledge, all of this indicates that they are rebranding everything and do not want the previous name to have any presence, and are making a fresh start with “Battlegrounds Mobile India.” Also Read – PUGB Mobile India posts a launch teaser video on its YouTube channel, deletes it later

“I believe an announcement will be made very soon, and the game will most likely be released by the end of May or June; if it does not, the hype surrounding the game will die,” he further added.

Maxtern also said, “I saw a lot of comments saying that the game did not get permission, but I believe it will be back soon because only one post was left on their Instagram profile and many other developments have occurred.”

pubg mobile india insta

PUBG Mobile India deletes all posts from Instagram

pubg mobile facebook

PUBG Mobile India deletes all posts from Facebook

PUBG Mobile India deletes all Instagram, Facebook posts

Ahead of the release, PUBG Mobile India has deleted all Instagram as well as Facebook posts. Looks like the company just wants to forget the past and move on. All posts including the official PUBG Mobile India release teaser has been deleted from both the official Instagram and Facebook channel. However, there are no official words on when the game will launch in India, but with these small, little activities, the company is surely hinting at the imminent release of the popular mobile game.


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