This scammy WhatsApp message can let strangers see your messages


WhatsApp stands among the most popular apps and besides attracting generic users’ attention, it appears appealing to the hackers too. This makes it a lot susceptible to scams and hacks, which can hinder its billions of users. Also Read – WhatsApp gets another warning: IT ministry tells, withdraw new privacy policy or face action

Among many such scams, a new one has been making rounds on the messaging app and is capable of stealing access to your WhatsApp account and your personal messages. Read on to know more about it. Also Read – WhatsApp features that make conversations a lot better and convenient

Stay away from this WhatsApp scam

It is suggested that a WhatsApp fraud, which came to the limelight last year, is making a return to the messaging app. Also Read – WhatsApp privacy policy: Your account won’t be deleted if you don’t accept new ToS

A report by Daily Express suggests that the message reads, “Hello, sorry, I sent you a 6-digit code by mistake, can you pass it to me, please? It’s urgent?” And if don’t avoid it, you might end up losing your precious data.

The scam works in a simple way, which makes people believe it. WhatsApp users are being targeted by hackers via a fake message with a security code. The message disguises as the one sent from a friend asking for the security code, which is ‘mistakenly’ sent to the user.

One might treat this as a case of an honest mistake and send the six-digit code to the supposed friend. However, you should totally refrain from even opening such a message.

This is because the code is actually the verification code that WhatsApp generates and sends to the user if a new phone is being used. Since the hackers want access to the very code and eventually your WhatsApp account, they are sending across a scammy message so that users can easily provide them with the access.

Now that you are aware of this, do not access the message and send the code to the sender if you receive a message like that. It would be safe for you to report or block the sender so that no further communication can take place. Try spreading the word to more people so that others don’t fall pretty into this WhatsApp scam.

This is not the first WhatsApp scam!

As said previously, WhatsApp has been home to various scams previously. The most famous one was the Pink link scam, which claimed to change the WhatsApp logo from green to pink.

However, it was indeed a virus and clicking on the link would have infected people’s phones and probably stolen their important details.


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