Top 5 pulse oximeters under Rs 1,500 to buy in India


Daily COVID-19 cases have dipped to an extent in India, but with the hospitals grappling with an acute shortage of oxygen and beds, it has taught many to stay alert and be prepared for the worse. While oxygen concentrators and cylinders are flying off the stores every day, pulse oximeters have gained traction due to accurate diagnosis and monitoring of coronavirus symptoms. Also Read – Should you rely on Spo2 monitor on smartwatches to measure blood oxygen level?

For those uninformed, a pulse oximeter is a clip-like device that measures blood oxygen level. The tiny device can be clipped on a fingertip or ear lobe and uses infrared light refraction to record pulse rate and the oxygen saturation of hemoglobin in arterial blood. Normal readings for oxygen saturation range between 95-100 percent. While it is advised to use the device with patience, to get accurate reading one must stay still and relax for about 10 seconds. That said, while buying pulse oximeters it is recommended to check the brand names. The price range from Rs 500 all the way up to Rs 5,000. In this listicle, we have compiled the oximeters from well-known brands that can be purchased for a price under Rs 1,500. In case you are looking for an affordable workaround you can check our previous article where we covered some of the best oximeters available under Rs 1,000. Also Read – How to use pulse oximeter the right away, follow these 8 steps

Top 5 pulse oximeters available under Rs 1,500 in India

BPL Medical Technologies Smart Oxy-04 Pulse Oximeter Rs 1,419 Also Read – Pulse oximeters under Rs 1,000 to measure the oxygen saturation level or SpO2

This fingertip pulse oximeter can monitor pulse rate and the oxygen level in your body. It features a dual-directional OLED panel and can measure pulse rate between 30-235bpm. The device comes with one year warranty and can be bought online on the e-retail platforms.

Oplus B05 Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter at Rs 1,400

This fingertip pulse oximeter can measure blood oxygen saturation and has a one-button operation feature. The oximeter is currently available on Flipkart.

Dr. Trust (USA) Model 210 Pulse Oximeter at Rs 1,299

This oximeter features an OLED panel that is dual-directional. The device can read pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation level. It has an alarm function and is said to shut off automatically after 8 seconds of inactivity. This oximeter can be purchased online via the e-retail platforms.

MEDITIVE Fingertip Pulse Oximeter at Rs 1390

Similar to the oximeters listed above, this device can read pulse rate and blood oxygen level. It comes with an OLED display. The device is listed on e-retail platforms.

HealnHealthy Q9 Pulse Oximeter at Rs 1,699

If you are looking for an oximeter that can provide information about plethysmogram, besides oxygen saturation and pulse rate, and can shell out some extra amount then you can pick this device. This oximeter displays the following readings- pulse strength bar graph, plethysmogram, oxygen saturation level, and pulse rate. It features an OLED display and requires two AAA batteries.

Dr. Morepen PO-15 Pulse Oximeter at Rs 1,130

This oximeter comes with a dual-directional OLED display and can provide reading for pulse rate and blood oxygen level. The pulse rate measurement range from 30-235bpm. It has six display modes and comes with one year warranty.

Before we wrap up, we would like to mention that some of these oximeters are currently out of stock, however, the e-retail platforms have put notify me option so you can opt for that and order the product as soon as the sellers restock it.


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