Twitter Undo Send timer button coming to save from typos in your tweet


The demand for an edit button on Twitter has been an age-long need for active users to correct their typos. While Twitter is in no mood to design an edit button, it is bringing something else that could be a lifesaver for many. An “Undo Send” key has been said to be in the works that gives users a chance to recall a tweet, if required. The feature is currently in the testing phase. Also Read – Twitter testing new Shopping Cards for its Android app

Popular tipster Jane Manchun Wong has tweeted a GIF of demonstrating the Undo Send function. The feature seems like a basic timer that holds the tweet for five to six seconds before posting it on your Twitter timeline. The GIF shows an “Undo Send” key with an animation on the “Your Tweet was sent!” notification. Also Read – Twitter’s Clubhouse-like Spaces now available for Android: What is it, how to use, and more questions answered

Undo Send on Twitter coming soon

The idea behind the Undo Send key seems to provide a preview of the tweet you are about to post. It could also come in handy for those who often mistakenly hit the “Tweet” button while in the midst of typing. It surely isn’t as helpful as an Edit button but is certainly a step in the right direction to make Twitter users reduce their typo-based embarrassments. Also Read – Twitter will permanently ban accounts found posting misleading content on COVID-19

There is, however, a flaw visible with the “Undo” function. As evident from the GIF, the button itself hides the preview of the tweet with the notification. If the idea is to give a preview of the tweet, the implementation itself defeats the purpose (sort of). We can assume that this is a glimpse of the feature in the early stages and Twitter could fix it before it rolls out to the public.

The time period of five to six seconds seems enough for most users to react to the key. Twitter users also have the age-old option of deleting the tweet. That, however, may give someone a chance to take a screenshot before the tweet gets deleted.

It remains to be seen how long Twitter takes to bring this “Undo Send” feature to the masses. The company is currently busy testing Twitter Spaces, which recently included users on Android. Spaces is Twitter’s version of Clubhouse, offering a closed room to members for doing a podcast to a smaller group of people. Unlike Clubhouse, which is limited to iOS and requires an app download, Spaces is built inside the Twitter app.


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