What happens now if you install it in India via VPN?


It has been a while since PUBG Mobile went under the collection of a handful of banned apps and is yet to resurface. A simple rename job is expected to bring the game back to its players in a few weeks, although there being a possibility of the Indian government stepping in at the last moment to ban it again. For several players already playing PUBG Mobile global despite the ban, this could be an irritation. Also Read – Beware! Fake Battlegrounds Mobile India APK link circulating online, don’t click or download it

Hence, even though the game is removed from all app stores and with the website being blocked, VPN continues to provide players with the latest version. Fire up any free VPN and you can download the official APK file and get going with your hunt for the Chicken Dinner. But what happens when you do so? Can you continue to play PUBG Mobile global with workarounds. Also Read – Battlegrounds Mobile India Game to feature Sanhok Map, launch tipped for June

We tried it for the sake of science and here’s what we found out. Also Read – Krafton requests to not refer to Battlegrounds Mobile India as PUBG Mobile as it fears ban

PUBG Mobile Global India gameplay with workarounds

-The PUBG Mobile Global APK can be downloaded mostly via the official website, which is normally inaccessible in India. However, if you access the same via a VPN app, you can get into the website and download the APK file.

– Once downloaded, the game can be normally installed on your Android phone. Once completed, open the game and let it download the resources.

– If you are opening it without VPN, the game will stop itself at the account login page. We tried logging in via Facebook, Twitter and Google Play, and we were unable to download our progress. However, once we used a VPN, the game was able to download the save files and progress into the lobby.

– We switched off the VPN again and opened the game. It ran and played like normal, with no issues in connectivity and performance. We were also able to download all the resource packs and update the game to the latest specifications.

– Do note that we were able to play the latest PUBG Mobile Patch 1.4 with all our in-game purchases and progress intact. We kept repeating the process for two days and never required the VPN to kickstart the game.

Should you play PUBG Mobile Global like this?

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Most of you reading this are already scaling new heights in the new Godzilla mode in Erangel. Some of you might be playing the older versions with VPN whereas some of you don’t seek VPN to play.

Do note that PUBG Mobile is banned in India by the Indian government and should ideally not be accessed by Indian citizens. The game was flagged for unable to secure player data and privacy. Hence, players should avoid playing the game to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

We advise Indian players to try equally good, if not better, alternatives to PUBG Mobile Global until Battlegrounds Mobile India launches later this year. Garena FreeFire has been around for a while and is the closest you can get to a PUBG-like experience. Then there’s Call of Duty: Mobile that brings a similar experience with elements from the vastly popular PC franchise of the same name.

Additionally, Apex Legends Mobile is expected to launch publicly later this year while EA’s Battlefield Mobile is also joining the battle royale hype this year.


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