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If you rely on Google Photos to keep your photos backed up, there’s bad news. Google is going to stop unlimited high quality photo storage on its platform and will only allocate 15GB of space for your entire Google account. While you can consider this as Google’s crafty way to earn money, you will need to now work out a way to keep using Google’s services. This also applies to iPhone users relying on Google a lot. Also Read – Apple Music officially gets Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos support for high-quality music experience

Both Android and iPhone users have multiple cloud storage platforms to fall back on after the free storage ends. However, whether it be Microsoft’s OneDrive or DropBox, none of them are as integrated with your smartphones as Google Photos. Hence, Android users have the option to consider Google One whereas iPhone users can consider the same along with Apple One. Also Read – Apple discontinues Space Grey accessories for Macs and iMacs: Report

It is completely up to you to choose whichever service you want but we take a quick look at the benefits associated with both of Google One and Apple One. Note that Google One includes more storage for Google Photos. Also Read – Top 5G smartphones with most 5G bands supported in India you can buy in May 2021

Google One benefits

Google One plans

The Google One service no includes the 15GB of free space by default as its base and free to use plan. Hence, if you register for a new account, you can continue to use Gmail, Google Drive, Docs and Photos as long you are within your free quota of 15GB.

– If you seek more storage, you can upgrade to the 100GB plan that costs Rs 130 per month and Rs 1,300 annually. This will provide up to 100GB of free storage for all your Google services, including Photos. You also get access to Google experts, the ability to add members to your plan, and enjoy extra benefits.

– At Rs 210 per month, or Rs 2,100 per year, you can get the plan with 200GB storage for all your Google services. Rest of the benefits remain similar to the base version.

– The 2TB plan costs Rs 650 per month, or Rs 6,500 annually, and offers 2TB of storage for all your Google services.

Apple One benefits

Apple One plans

The Apple One plan requires you to have an iPhone or iPad in order to avail the service. Those using Apple products can enjoy a wide variety of services from Apple for a not a lot of money. Check out all the Apple One plans you can consider at the moment.

-In India, you only get two Apple One plans at the moment, given that Apple Fitness+ is yet to launch in India. Hence, the base plan, called Individual, costs Rs 197 per month. As part of this plan, you get access to 50GB of iCloud storage for storing photos and backups. The plan also includes subscription to Apple Music, Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade.

– The Family plan costs Rs 365 per month and offers 200GB of iCloud storage. You can add up to five members to this plan as well. This plan also includes subscription to Apple Music, Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade.

iCloud storage plans

If the Apple One plans come across as more expensive and unnecessary for just getting extra storage, you can consider the sole iCloud storage plans. These plans don’t offer any of the extras that Apple One has in store.

– The base iCloud plan offers 50GB of additional iCloud space at a monthly fee of Rs 75.

– There’s a 200GB plan that costs Rs 219 per month.

– The top-end plan with 2TB of storage space costs Rs 749 on a monthly basis.

Our take

iPhone XR

For Android users, it is the Google One plans that make sense. You get an extra 100GB of storage for Rs 130 per month. However, you will have to be cautious with your usage and keep an eye on junk emails filling up your precious storage.

The Google One service also makes sense if you rely a lot of Google services, whether you use and Android or iOS device. Google Photos is easily accessible on PCs and tablets without needing to log in multiple times. Sadly, Google does not club benefits like free YouTube Music subscription or free YouTube Premium benefits.

For iPhone users, however, the iCloud storage plans are beneficial. An extra 50GB space only costs Rs 75 per month. Even at Rs 219, you get 200GB space, which is almost the same as the Google One storage space. iCloud integrates well with the iOS ecosystem, which is another plus for iPhone/iPad/Mac users.

The Apple One plan comes across as expensive in this regard but you get access to a lot of Apple’s services at a combined low price. The addition of Apple Music and Apple TV+ make it a tempting deal for those who are into music and movies.


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