WhatsApp Business to now hide unavailable items: Check details


WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned company has expanded the catalog functionality on its business app. The cross-messaging platform has introduced two new shopping features that will make WhatsApp business user-friendly and allow entrepreneurs to quickly sell their products on the app. Also Read – WhatsApp rival Signal testing its own payments platform to send money in cryptocurrencies

With these new features, WhatsApp will provide businesses the ability to create and manage catalogs on the desktop. The Catalogs feature that was launched back in 2019 allows businesses to create menus of the products they sell on the platform. While this was possible only in mobile phones till now, the new feature has extended the functionality to WhatsApp Web/desktop app. WhatsApp notes that users have found catalogs useful to search through products and services, hence they are making it available on other platforms as well. Also Read – WhatsApp Vaccines for all Sticker pack introduced: Here’s how to download and send on Android, iOS

“Since many businesses manage their inventory from a computer, this new option will make it quick and easy to add new items or services so their customers know what’s available. This will be extremely helpful for businesses with big inventories like a restaurant or clothing store so they can manage their catalog from a bigger screen. Catalogs have also allowed businesses to easily showcase and share what they offer,” WhatsApp stated. Also Read – WhatsApp might soon allow for easy chat transfer between iOS, Android

The new feature is said to be helpful for businesses that have big inventories and prefer a wide screen to manage the long list of catalogs.

WhatsApp has also added another feature that will allow sellers to temporarily hide specific items from their catalog and put them in the list once they are back in stock.

“We introduced carts on WhatsApp during the holiday shopping season last year so people could browse a catalog, select multiple products and send the order as one message to the business. But businesses have told us that they need an easy way to let customers know what’s currently available so they don’t get orders for items that are unavailable or out of stock. That’s why we’re giving them the option,” WhatsApp cited.

For those new on WhatsApp Business app, they can try adding items to your catalog by opening the app > More > Catalog (at the top of chat list) > Add item (along with photos) > Add product/service name > Click on ADD TO CATALOG.

WhatsApp cites that it has over 8 million business catalogs across the globe, including one million in India. Notably, the new “hide” specific items feature has begun rolling out to businesses worldwide starting today.


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