WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram were down, back online after massive global outage


This is the second time in a month that Facebook services were down. All three Facebook apps including the main social media app, secure messaging service WhatsApp and photo-sharing platform Instagram went offline for some time last night. Also Read – Facebook refuses to disclose your involvement in massive data breach

The social media giant later acknowledged the issue and said the services are back online. Here’s what exactly happened. Also Read – Facebook launches Clubhouse rival Hotline, a Q&A format live chat app

Here’s what happened

A few hours ago, users took to microblogging site Twitter and down detector website to complain about the massive outage. As per several users, all three apps including Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram suffered massive outage for few minutes where in users were unable to use the applications. Also Read – Facebook to help celebrate Ramadan with new features during COVID-19 situation

Facebook spokesperson acknowledged the issue and said, “a configuration change caused Facebook services to be unavailable to some people. We quickly investigated and resolved the issue.”

Facebook down

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As per the down detector website, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were down for thousands of users globally. In this outage, Facebook users were impacted mainly followed by Instagram and WhatsApp.

During the outage the social media platform showed a message that stated, “We’re sorry, but something went wrong. Please try again.”

Instagram also showed a similar message and the timeline didn’t load for users.

instagram down

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It was the same with WhatsApp. The messaging platform showed connecting issue and users were unable to receive or send new messages. Similar was the case with Facebook Messenger.

This is the second time in a month that Facebook services suffered a massive outage. A few weeks ago, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram suffered a massive global outage which halted the services for a few hours. That one was much bigger than this one.


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