Will this iPad-exclusive feature come to Macs, iPhones?


OnePlus hyped up the concept of high refresh rate display with the OnePlus 7 Pro and ever since then, a display with a higher-than-60Hz refresh rate is a given in premium smartphones. Apple, however, debuted it on its iPad Pro lineup in 2018 and has garnered support for it from consumers as well as fans. However, ProMotion has been in demand on iPhones and Macs for a while and Apple is yet to respond on that front. Also Read – iMac next-gen could launch at Apple Spring Loaded event in multiple colours tomorrow

Last year’s iPhone 12 series was expected to get the 120Hz refresh rate displays but just before the launch, tipsters and analysts confirmed that Apple dropped high-refresh display in favour of 5G support on the 2020 iPhones. Ever since then, it is said that Apple could bring the 120Hz ProMotion display tech to the 2021 iPhone models. There’s no official hint from Apple on the same. Also Read – UK man orders Apple, the fruit, online, gets a brand new iPhone SE 2020 instead

Apple ProMotion: Which devices currently have it?

The term “ProMotion” is used by Apple for referring to variable refresh rate technology on some of its devices. The idea behind a variable refresh rate technology is to cleverly let the device render as many frames as the content supports so that you get a smooth viewing experience without sacrificing battery. Hence, if you are watching a 60 fps video on YouTube, the display will stick to 60Hz. When you play a 120 fps game, the display goes up to 120Hz. Also Read – iPhone 13 mini leaks ahead of possible September 2021 launch: 5 features it could pack

Apple iPad Pro 2018

Apple iPad Pro 2018

By bringing variation in the refresh rate, there are gains in the battery department. Devices with variable refresh rate can conserve power better when compared to conventional high refresh rate displays.

Apple’s ProMotion is currently limited to the iPad Pro lineup only. The 2018 iPad Pro debuted the ProMotion technology to the iPad series and was later carried over to the 2020 iPad Pro. Other iPad models, including the 2020 iPad Air, only support a refresh rate of up to 60Hz.

Which future Apple products will get ProMotion?

Apple iPhone 12

Representative Image: iPhone 12

Based on rumours and leaks, it is the next-gen iPhone models only that will get 120Hz ProMotion. Of the entire iPhone 13 series/2021 iPhone series, it is the Pro models that will get support for 120Hz variable refresh rate displays.

As for ProMotion’s presence on Macs, it is uncertain. Apple has stuck to the standard 60Hz displays on its MacBooks and iMacs for a while. However, there’s a possibility that the Spring Reloaded event could give us new Macs with 120Hz displays (this is just a speculation). The rumoured 2021 iPad Pro is also expected to carry on with the 120Hz ProMotion display tech.


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