Windows 10 brings native support AAC codec with latest update


If you listen to music for the most part of your workday on your PC, you must be familiar with the weird audio controls that Windows 10 offers. Getting a pair of wireless audio earbuds to work with a Windows 10 PC is difficult, especially if you have to frequently switch between audio sources. Microsoft is, however, bring an update that could make the wireless audio streaming experience better. Also Read – Microsoft to launch “The New Windows” operating system soon: Report

In the latest Windows 10 Insider update, Microsoft has finally given Windows 10 the native support for AAC format. The AAC audio codec is a popular one widely used in modern-day smartphones, especially iPhones. Headphones and earbuds supporting AAC help to bring high-quality audio streaming without a significant loss in quality. Also Read – Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ launched in India alongside Surface Hub 2S 85-inch

Windows 10 update adds AAC support

The operating system has so far supported other popular codecs like AptX and SBC but missed out always on the AAC front. With AAC, the benefits come in the form of high-quality audio streaming with lesser file sizes. Hence, Windows 10 users can now expect better audio quality from compatible headphones than before. Also Read – Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ launched: Price, specifications, when is it coming to India?

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Other than the addition of AAC codec, Windows 10 will also present a better unified audio endpoint than the current one. The idea is to provide a simple interface that allows choosing between audio sources in a single click instead of multiple ones. Headphones can now also make the switch to the right profile automatically.

“No more clicking through multiple audio endpoints to make your Bluetooth headset’s voice and mic work properly. We now only expose one audio endpoint in the UI and will switch to the correct one automatically for you for a seamless experience. Listening to Spotify and then have to hop onto a Teams call? You can also now directly control the volume of your headset,” said Microsoft on its blog.

With a better Bluetooth audio streaming system, you can now expect improved performances from your compatible headphones. The support for AAC should also result in Apple bringing Apple Music to the Windows platform. For those in the unknown, Apple still offers the iTunes app for Windows PCs instead of offering the updated Apple Music app.


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