Xbox Series S is on sale at Amazon India, stocks vanish on Flipkart


The Xbox Series S isn’t as capable as the flagship Xbox Series X console but it sure is better than the last-gen consoles, at least in terms of overall performance. Hence, if you have wanted to settle for the more affordable Xbox console this year to get a taste of the Xbox Game Pass service, you are in luck. Amazon India is selling the Xbox Series S console as you read at its usual price of Rs 34,990. The Series X is not available at the time of writing. Also Read – Xbox Series S pre-orders start again on Amazon, Flipkart in India

The Xbox Series S is available via Amazon at the moment only, with other sellers exhausting their stocks. Flipkart had a few stocks of the Series S console but it all vanished at the time of writing. Croma, Reliance Digital and GamesTheShop don’t have any stock available of the Series S console. However, GamesTheShop has put up the Series X up for pre-orders on its website since a few weeks now. Also Read – Xbox Series X/S Seagate Storage Expansion Card launched in India: Price and all details here

Xbox Series S console goes on sale again

The Xbox Series S is the cheaper of the two current-gen Xbox consoles you can buy today. It costs Rs 34,990 and is easily the most affordable console you can buy in the market. However, with its low price also comes compromises – the Series S console isn’t as capable as the Series X. Unlike the Series X, the Series S can only render games at 2K resolution. Additionally, it also gets only 512GB storage, of which only 364GB is available. Also Read – Wait for Sony PS5 or grab an Xbox Series S/Series X? Here are some pointers

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Xbox Series X controller

That said, the Series S gets all the next-gen features like Quick Resume, faster loading times, support for ray tracing and Dolby Vision, and Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service. The console also comes with the latest generation Xbox controller with a dedicated share button.

On the other hand, Sony is also putting up the PlayStation 5 up for pre-orders on May 27 in India. Those interested in the PS5 can head over to the Sony Center website and pre-book the PlayStation 5 disc version at 12 pm on May 27. This particular PS5 model costs Rs 49,990. Sony is yet to announce the sale for the cheaper PlayStation 5 digital edition that costs Rs 39,990.


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