You can soon transfer WhatsApp chats between Android and iPhone: Report


WhatsApp is reportedly working on a feature to allow users to transfer their chat history to a new phone using a different phone number. This feature will work as an extension to the feature which will allow users to transfer their chat history between Android and iOS via its Chat History Migration tool. Also Read – Samsung will continue to run Tizen on its Smart TVs, even after Google partnership

According to a report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is currently an updated Chat History Migration tool, which will allow users to transfer their chat history to a new device on a different platform and also to a new device with a different phone number. This would allow users to change their phone numbers alongside switching from an Android smartphone to an iPhone, or vice versa, to transfer their existing WhatsApp chat history to the new device. Also Read – Motorola starts rolling out Android 11 update for Motorola One Action: Details here

In addition to transferring chats, the tool could also be used to transfer media files from the older device to the new one. Also Read – Epic Games vs Apple: Epic could pull a surprising victory after Tim Cook’s testimony

The report also consists of a screenshot, which consists of a link that will provide you with a way to transfer your chat history when switching your device and phone number. However, the report states that this migration option will only be provided to users when signing in to the new device for the first time only.

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(Image: WABetaInfo)

The feature is currently under development and is not available in any of the current WhatsApp beta versions for Android and iPhone.

Can you transfer your WhatsApp to a new device with a new phone number now?

WhatsApp does currently allow users to change their phone number without losing any chats from the in-app settings. It also allows them to transfer their chat history to a new device with a new phone number. However, this feature only works if the new device is based on the same platform as the older one. So if you want to do this, you will be required to switch from an Android device to a new Android device, and the same goes for the iPhone.


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