Your account won’t be deleted if you don’t accept new ToS


WhatsApp Privacy Policy Latest Update, May 15, 2021: The day is finally here. WhatsApp’s new privacy policy will go live as the deadline to accept the new terms is set for today, May 15. Several WhatsApp users have accepted the new policy while others are yet agree to the new terms and services (ToS). Also Read – WhatsApp Privacy Policy: If you don’t accept the new policy by today these features will stop working

The Facebook owned messaging platform has already confirmed that users who don’t accept the policy by May 15, i.e today, will still be able to use the app but eventually such accounts will lose access to some of the important WhatsApp features. Also Read – Eid-Ul-Fitr 2021: How to send Eid Mubarak wishes Stickers on WhatsApp

WhatsApp account won’t be deleted

At the time of announcing the privacy policy earlier in January, the messaging platform said, users who fail to accept the new terms will have their account deleted. However, after all the controversies around the privacy policy, WhatsApp took back the statement and clarified that no account will be deleted even if the new terms are not accepted. Also Read – How to accept WhatsApp Privacy Policy, what happens if you don’t

The messaging platform, however, played it smart. It announced that eventually, if users don’t accept the new privacy policy, they will lose access to some of the important features. These features include ability to make calls and even message their loved ones. Well, losing such features will make the messaging app as useless as it can be. In that case, it’s better to move to an alternative app such as Signal and Telegram.

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In other words, nothing happens even if you don’t accept the privacy policy today, i.e May 15, as it is the deadline. But eventually, each and every WhatsApp user will need to accept the new terms to be able to enjoy all crucial features and also the newly released ones.

In the long run, WhatsApp account that don’t accept the new terms will stop receiving all calls and messages, this means, anyone who doesn’t accept the new WhatsApp privacy policy will eventually lose access to most of the key functionalities. In other words, eventually, each and every WhatsApp user will need to agree to the new privacy policy to be able to use all functionalities of the app.

Users who haven’t accepted the WhatsApp privacy policy will see a pop-up on the home screen. To accept the it, they will just need to click on agree option displayed beneath the home page.


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